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Tontine Black Liner

..Insertion Loss

Insertion Loss for Duct lined with Tontine Black Liner

Testing was carried out to determine the ability of Tontine Black Liner to attenuate sound in rigid ducting. The Tontine Black Liner products, both faced and unfaced, were used to line all four sides of a 610mm x 610mm laboratory test duct for a length of two metres. The lining was configured to be self supporting and to have intimate contact with the inner faces of the bare duct.

All testing for Determination of Static Insertion Loss for the duct lining systems was conducted in accordance with the requirements of AS 1277 - 1983 "Acoustics - Measurement Procedures for Ducted Silencers". All testing was carried out in a NATA registered laboratory.

Sound Attenuation of 25mm TBL Range in Duct
610mm x 610mm

Sound Attenuation of 50mm TBL Range in Duct
610mm x 610mm


Fixing of Tontine Black Liner

Whilst conventional methods of fixing the insulation to the sheet metal duct may work sufficiently, it has been found that due to the strength of the polyester fibre, alternative methods may be preferable, such as:

  • use of the HILBIG system which pins and welds in one operation
  • use of an adhesive and simply gluing the product to the side of the sheet metal duct.

..Fire Rating

Early Fire Hazard Rating

Early fire hazard ratings are determined according to Australian Standard 1530: part 3 - 1989. The significance of this test for air handling systems is shown by Clause 3, 2, 4 of Australian Standard 1668: part 1 - 1991, "Fire Precautions in Buildings with Air Handling Systems", which states: "Where insulation is not encased in unperforated metal sheeting, the insulation system, including adhesives and protective coatings or wrapping shall have:
a) A spread of flame index number not greater than 0, and
b) A smoke developed index number not greater than 3,
both as determined in accordance with AS1530: part 3, when tested on the exposed face of the internal and / or external insulation."

Tontine Black Liner products faced with a plain or perforated foil have Early Fire Hazard Indices which meet the requirements of the above mentioned clause.

..Air Erosion Test

Air Erosion Test

Testing was carried out generally in accordance to the method described in UL 181 Part 17, "Erosion Test", except that the velocity was 13.5 M/sec.
The requirement of the test is as follows:

  • Materials for linings of air ducts shall not break away, crack, peel, flake off or show evidence of delamination or continued erosion when air passed through typical sections at the specified velocity. For the purpose of this requirement, continued erosion is considered to be either a constant or increasing rate of erosion.

Tontine Black Liner showed no evidence of breaking away, cracking, flaking off, continued erosion or collection of eroded particles on the collecting screen at the test velocity of 13.5 M/sec.

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