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Welcome to Treco Steel Lintels

Treco Steel is the original lintel specialist. Treco Steel has the largest range of lintels including:

  • Above and Beyond Concept’s Pro-Series galvanised ribbed lintels and T sections,
  • Galintel’s range of MultiRib T Bars, Traditional T Bars, RendaBar, Cavi-T-Bar and J-Bar
  • Ultrafloor’s concrete lintels
  • Galvanised conventional angles and flat bars.

Above and Beyond Concept’s Pro-Series lintels are manufactured to comply with both the Building and Masonry Codes of Australia. (Click here to download the Compliance Fact Sheet “PDF”)

Treco Steel is the NSW distributor of Tyvek Homewrap.

Treco Steel supplies a range of galvanised steel products such as RHS drain, retaining wall "H" (UC) and end (channel) sections, structural steel columns, bollards and DuraGal hollow sections for fencing.

Treco Steel supplies structural steel sections such as Universal Beams (UB's), Parallel Flange Channels (PFC's), Universal Columns (UC's) and Rolled Steel Joists (RSJ's).

Treco Steel can prime structural steel as well as organise galvanising.

Please note, however, that the staff at Treco Steel are not professional engineers. We do not specify lintels or structural steel sections to be used in any situation. Beware of steel suppliers who specify sections without the appropriate professional qualifications and indemnity insurance. Treco Steel also does not carry out any site work.

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