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Davco k10 plus - an eco friendly waterproofing membrane that's a smart option for tradespeople.

With its no tar, no bitumen, no solvents and non hazardous formulation, DAVCO K10 PLUS is a smart, environmentally friendly waterproofing membrane. DAVCO K10 PLUS will keep the water out and you can be on your way to tiling within hours.

DAVCO K10 PLUS passes the requirements of the new Australian Standard for waterproofing, AS4858:2004 Wet Area Membranes. This means it complies with the Australian Standard for Waterproofing of wet areas in residential buildings, AS3740:2004.

It is UV resistant and non-blistering making it easy to use and perfect for a wide variety of waterproofing projects including shower recesses, laundries, balconies, terraces and rooftops.

According to John Moses, Davco's National Marketing Manager, DAVCO K10 PLUS has always been one of their most popular selling products as it is easy to use, versatile, safe for the environment, as well as saving time and money.

"DAVCO K10 PLUS is a liquid membrane, and is suitable for application with brush, roller and airless spray equipment. On large jobs, the use of an airless spray reduces application time dramatically, hastening construction projects and making it an ideal product for urgent, detailed, and/or new projects.

"Being non-hazardous and solvent free, it is safe for the applicator, meaning it can be used in any small or confined areas" said John Moses.

"It is available in two colours - green or grey, which is very useful when doing multiple applications - it allows you to see where you have been. It is a single pack water-based polyurethane waterproofing membrane, which means it requires no mixing, nor does it cure in the pail after it is opened.

"DAVCO K10 PLUS can be applied on damp surfaces with no affect on the product! However, it is not suitable for use over green slabs, or slabs subject to rising damp" he added.

Waterproofing and tiling a job on the same day? That's easy - each coat dries within 2-4 hours, reducing application time. Tiling can begin very quickly - allowing small jobs to be completed in a single day.

DAVCO K10 PLUS is so easy to use it is also suitable for DIY'ers. However, its benefits in the construction world are extensive. It is rapid drying, non-staining on tile or marble, and has very high elongation - meaning it can cope with more movement than most other membranes.

"It is suitable for waterproofing a range of jobs from large open rooftops to hairline cracks in shower recesses. This means trades people need only one product for most of their applications.

"It allows them to get the job done in minimal time with minimal hassle - which saves money. And for the home-handy person it means more time on the weekend to do other things"! said John Moses.

One 20L unit of DAVCO K10 PLUS will cover approximately 13m² (when applied at a thick dry film of 1 mm).

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