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Rigid spray from Era Polymers - Erathane SR Series

The Erathane SR Series is a range of two component spray systems to produce rigid polyurethane spray foam. The systems are designed to be sprayed at a ratio of 1:1 by volume through a high pressure spray machine such as manufactured by Gusmer.

The three main systems available produce sprayed foam in the densities; 32, 48 and 150 kg/m³. The Erathane SR Series has some clear performance advantages over other sprayed polyurethane foams. The foams exhibit excellent physical properties, including compression strengths, high insulation level, and good surface finish. Fire-retarded grades are also available. The processability has been optimized with low component viscosities to aid spraying.

The Erathane SR Series must be machine dispensed and require a high pressure plural component spray machine, the minimum pressure for spraying is 1000 psi.

Where a rigid foam insulation layer is required to reduce heat loss or gain from a building, vessel or container. The higher density spray foams can also be used to produce a structural layer. Typical applications are for insulating tanks and silos (wine or grain), animal sheds (i.e. chicken), refrigerated containers or rooms, or general roof insulation.

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