Cosario kitchen storage system from Hettich Australia

Cosario is a completely new organization system for wall cabinets with convincing design and function. When opened, the bottom level swings out to provide access to the second level, which remains horizontal. In this way, everything is instantly within easy reach, neatly arranged, and stowed away again just as quickly after use. The attractive modern design with aluminium look harmonizes with all standard front decors - additional storage space that sets new accents in kitchen design.

Cosario provides valuable additional storage space for many things that are needed every day: from spices, utensils and ingredients of every kind to kitchen roll, knife block, small cooking appliances, notepad and pencil. Cosario can be used for a whole variety of applications and ensures that the contents are clearly arranged and presented at eye level.

The advantages of this innovative organization of the top cabinet are obvious: The contents are immediately within reach and just as quickly stowed away again where they are protected from soiling. When opened, the bottom level swings down, while the second level remains horizontal - ideal for such delicate items as cups, glasses and porcelain.

Variable push-in systems allow the levels to be partitioned as desired.