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Shopfront Security Doors from The Australian Trellis Door Company

shopfront security trellis

The Australian Trellis Door Company offers a range of steel trellis doors as an economic solution for securing shopping centre shop-fronts, kiosks and food court expanses.

The company offers both mobile trackless trellis barriers and fixed trellis door systems (with top track and optional bottom track).

The mobile trackless barriers are popular for closing off retail kiosks, mall expanses, and shop-fronts requiring a moderate level of security. This system is used by many retail kiosk operators, such as Boost Juice and Coffee Club, and by shopping centre operators nationwide, such as Westifield and Centro. They use them mainly to secure specific areas of the centre whilst allowing others to continue trading. The system is versatile (does not need fixing points) and economical.

Then there are the fixed trellis systems which are becoming increasingly popular in shopping centres as the main (only) store front door (no glass). They have just installed them for many stores at the new Westfield Bondi, including Prouds, Dick Smith Electronics, Warner Brothers amongst others.

Their new popularity as shop-front closures are due to their strength, through-visibility, competitive pricing point and low maintenance. These doors represent a significant cost saving for prospective tenants compared to the traditional forms of horizontal folding closures and vertical shutters.

The doors can operate in a straight line or may be curved through a radius of 400 degrees. For storage purposes, these doors are folded away to the side of the shop-front and may be recessed into a cupboard.

The doors are top-hung. There are a number of bottom track options including fixed, recessed, hinged or removable. Use of a bottom track can be avoided completely and replaced by the use of patio bolts.

Both fixed and mobile systems fold away to 15% of their extended size (can be split each side). They have a unique locking system which locks instantly when slammed closed, without needing to turn a key.

For further information please contact them: phone (02 9519-0844), email or website www.trellisdoors.com.

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