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Lightweight Cladding for Curved Walls from Unitex

curved cladding

Unitex bends the rules to spectacular effect with Uni-Base Board

Architects are constantly trying to create the latest design or that 'something different'. When Michael Farhat, Project Manager for Onsite Construction Group, took one look at this $2 million Bronte home design he knew he had a challenge on his hands. How to achieve that curved wall?

"We considered timber and fibro cladding but were worried about moisture as Bronte is on the coast, masonry was out of the question, as was concrete and formwork," said Michael. The architect suggested looking into lightweight cladding products so Michael called Unitex® technical sales consultant, John Da Silva, in. John loves a challenge and had recently created a curving tower for a recent project using Uni-Base Board® and knew he could find a solution for the Bronte home too. The Uni-Base Board system, part of the Uni-EIFS™ range, is a low build insulation cladding system.

Ordinarily Uni-Base Board is available in a standard size of 1200 mm x 2400 mm at the required thickness for the thermal comfort specified for the project (generally 50 mm, 75 mm or 100 mm). On this project the design team at Unitex used the system to create three custom shapes to fit the curved wall design.

"Unitex can do anything" John proudly claims, "it just took a bit of thinking and co-ordination between the architect, the builders and the factory and we were able to customise the Uni-Base Board system to achieve the design". John makes it sound easy and according to Michael his solution did prove to be quicker, more cost effective and straightforward than he imagined.

"The lead time was only a couple of weeks," Michael claims, "then when the materials arrived it was only 1or 2 days to install, render and complete."

The seamless, curved finish pleased even the architect who specified that no joins or lines be visible. The crisp, white Uni-PTC protective topcoat will please the owners who will enjoy the low-maintenance, water and sun resistant finish for years to come.

curved cladding

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