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Automatic Retractable Hose Reels from Maze Distribution

automatic retractable hose reel


The ultimate in automatic hose reels the MOTOReel uses the water pressure in the tap to rewind any hose with great strength and steady pace. This simple design uses the force of the water to power the reel. You simply connect the reel to the tap like any other hose or reel and when you're ready to rewind you pull the lever.

MOTOReel 45 + 18m x 18mm

The MOTOReel 45 provides the benefit of a large capacity reel in a sleek strong case. Includes a strong 18mm hose as well as fittings and a nozzle.


  • Includes 18m of 18mm hose
  • Hose sorting device on reel
  • Can rewind hose containing joiners
  • Automatically rewinds at the push of a lever
  • Rewinds at a safe and constant speed
  • No metal parts to rust or lose tension
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty


Weight: 10kg
Maze Part Number: MR-S45-1818
Bunnings Part Number:
Dimensions of reel: 35cm x 50cm x 45cm

automatic retractable hose reel and lady hosing garden

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28 Buckland Street, Clayton, VIC, 3168

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