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Glass Blown Handles and Knobs from Mother of Pearl & Sons

glass blown handles and knobs

Les Verreries de Bréhat

‘Bold’ would be an understatement. ‘Stunning’ might not convey the pure‚ organic beauty. The glass blowers of Bréhat create unique decorative hardware and lighting with molten glass‚ gold and silver‚ soon to be available at Mother of Pearl.

Bréhat is a tiny island near Paimpol‚ just 2km off the northern coast of Brittany‚ France‚ where no cars are permitted. It is renowned for its rare wild flowers and pink granite. Here you'll find the studio of Les Verreries de Bréhat‚ one of the most modern glass blowers' studios in Europe.

Collaboration with architects and designers has resulted in their truly spectacular glass hardware and effect lighting fittings being exported around the world. Their work can be found in le Plaza Athénée Hotel‚ the Bobino Theatre Paris‚ le Grande Hotel Saint Jean de Luz‚ the Sacher Hotel in Vienna and l'Hotel de Paris in Monaco. Les Verreries de Brehat received the prestigious Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant award from the French State in recognition of their work.

Glass was first used for jewellery from about 3500BC. Glass blowing began apparently around 27BC–14AD near Babylon and the finer practice of its making spread through Greece‚ Italy (Venice) and Europe. This practice of producing glass by hand continues. Blown glass architectural hardware and interior cabinet fittings are very durable and yet delicate and intricate in appearance.

Mother of Pearl & Sons are very excited to announce that we will be representing Les Verreries de Bréhat blown glass hardware in Sydney. We have received initial samples and are keen to show them off. As you might imagine‚ we will soon be carrying stocks of their door‚ window and cabinet hardware as well as lighting. The work is exquisite and superbly functional‚ and is sure to make a splash on our shores.

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