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Paving Surface Preparation Video from Boral

Preparing the Site

When determining your finished paved surface level remember to consider the following:

  • Paving must slope away from the building;
  • Allow for the depth of the base layer, bedding sand, the paver thickness less 10mm for settlement after compaction
  • Pavers should be flush with the lawn.

Excavate the area to be paved:

  • Check the level and depth of the base by measuring from a string line (see figure 4).
  • Ensure the ground level is even. Replace wet patches, loose or soft areas with a sand cement mix or compacted road base to create a stable base.

Base Layer

Spread the base layer (Generally: road base material or well graded crushed rock) evenly over the prepared ground.

  • Rake to an even thickness before compaction.
  • Compaction of road base is usually performed using a mechanical plate compactor It is recommended that the road base is compacted in 2 - 3 layers, not in one single layer.

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