Floor Surface Protection Treatment K-Guard Plus from Karndean

karndean flooring

K-Guard Plus: Introducing a major new development to Karndean products

Karndean is proud to announce that our products now incorporate K Guard Plus, a leading edge surface protection treatment which includes PU (Polyurethane) technology.

This enhanced protection eliminates the need for initial sealing and offers further benefits which include outstanding resistance to scuff marks, stains and fine scratches, resulting in an easier and more environmentally friendly regime for cleaning and maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • No need for initial sealing
    This means our Dim Glow floor protector is not required post installation
  • Lower maintenance
    Thanks to the fact that initial sealing is not required
  • More environmentally friendly
    Less cleaning products and water are used
  • Time and cost saving
    No need to return the following day to seal the floor

If you require any further information about K-Guard Plus, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 33 11 70 or your Karndean Representative.