Versiclad Insulated Roof and Wall Panels Survive Cyclone Yasi

house built with versiclad panels before and after cyclone yasi

Versiclad panels survive Cyclone Yasi

After the horrifying destruction caused by Cyclone Yasi, this Eco System Homes house in Mission Beach was one of the survivors. Cyclone Yasi crossed the North Queensland coast near Mission Beach and unleashed its violent 340km/h winds through the area.

Versiclad's Corrolink roof and custom made wall panels were used in the construction of this house in Mission Beach.

Versiclad is a leading brand of high performance insulated roof and wall panels used in various architectural, design and industrial applications. Versiclad's insulated panels are easily incorporated into all forms of construction, which meet building regulation insulation requirements. With its outstanding sustainability and durability credentials, Versiclad makes it easy to specify structural insulated panels for your next project.