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ChemSet™ chemical anchors from Ramset Fasteners

ChemSet™ Chemical Anchoring
Superior Anchoring Technology

The Ramset™ Chemical Anchoring range consists of Chemset™Injection Adhesives and Chemset™ Maxima™ glass capsules.

Chemset™ is the leading Chemical Anchoring brand in Australiadue to its high quality, reliability and versatility.

The versatile Chemset™ range provides different options of costand performance for anchoring threaded studs, reinforcing barsand starter bars into solid and hollow substrates.

Only Chemset™ Injection anchoring adhesive cartridges have theunique tap valve, which is essential to preserve contents of partused cartridges for use later on, the next day or even the next job.

Chemset™ is the specifiers' choice, with easy to use engineeringdata created by Ramset engineering professionals and backed byrigorous testing at the Ramset™ Product Engineering Laboratory.

For more details please refer to our website www.ramset.com.au
or call our customer service team on 1300 780 063

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