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World s tallest residential complex uses PROMASEAL® fire collars and IBS™

A new landmark rises above the Yarra River

" Eureka” or “I have found it!” is said to be the word uttered by the Greek mathematician and inventor, Archimedes (287-212 BC), when he discovered a way to determine the purity of gold by applying the principale of specific gravity.

Today, the name soars high in an altogether modern context above Melbourne’s skyline on the strikingly new Eureka Towers.

When completed by the end of 2005, it will be the tallest skyscraper in the southern hemisphere and the world’s tallest residential complex (at least for a short period of time until it is ’soon surpassed by another building on Australia's Gold Coast).

Located at Riverside Quay in Southbank on the cosmopolitan city’s Yarra River, Eureka Tower’s slim but elegant profile is already a landmark in Australia’s most European metropolis.

Victoria is Australia’s smallest mainland state but its 5 million residents make it the most densely populated. Melbourne alone has a three million population which includes the largest Greek population outside Greece, substantial Italian communities and significant numbers of Asians. Melbourne justifiably earns its position as Australia’s capital for cuisine and culture.

Known colloquially as the “Big E” amongst tall building aficionados, Eureka Tower will rise 297.2m above ground (exactly 300m above sea level) and comprises 92 stories.

Extensive use of PROMASEALfi fire collars

Project Value at Eureka Tower is A$500m and when complete it will contain 556 apartments. Residences will occupy levels 11 to 87. The two lifts servicing the uppermost observation decks will be the fastest in Australia, travelling at nine metres per second, taking just over 30 seconds to reach the top from the ground floor lobby.

Eureka Tower is a joint venture between major developer/builder Grocon, the Fried Family and Katsalidis Group. As the Grocon Group is one of Melbourne’s major concrete manufacturers, floor beams of prestressed concrete and floor slabs of reinforced concrete comprised the majority of structural components.

Various PROMASEAL® fire collars were used in wall systems throughout the project.

The special Eureka Wall System was designed specifically for Eureka Tower and incorporates Promat’s PROMASEAL ® IBS™ rod as a deflection head. This wall system was designed to provide high levels of acoustic performance and its usual fire resistance properties.

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