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Lift Destination Control System PORT from Schindler Lifts Australia

port - personal occupant requirement terminal

PORT - Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal

33 dedicated Schindler staff at the New Technologies Group in Switzerland has spent 24 years developing and evolving this technology to enable us to release PORT, our third generation destination control system.

PORT technology is a strategic Schindler systems architecture that acts as a total transit management solution for a building or campus. Encompassing the features of Miconic 10 and Schindler ID, PORT Technology represents the third generation of destination control technology. At its base, the system consists of a series of processors that perform the transit management operation by instructing various pieces of installed equipment such as lifts, barriers or door locks to behave in a way consistent with achieving improved traffic flow. The systems human interface operates in a variety of ways but as a minimum does so through a device known as the Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal or PORT.


Access Control
A fully integrated component of PORT that can be added to virtually any barrier design. Two PORTs per barrier provide an aesthetically pleasing and efficient two-way card reader and instruction screen combination.

Lift Dispatcher Operation
Ensures any call placed in the system is optimally answered by planning the overall trip that each lift needs to make based on passenger journeys that have been assigned.

Forward Credentialing
Invalidates or limits operation of the card if not used when required for access. The users card could be rendered invalid and the user would only be allowed to return to the lobby or other designated area for reactivation.

Call entry
Predictive: A list of the most frequently selected destinations of the passenger can be displayed.
Pre-Programmed: A passenger only has a right to travel to specific floors.
Contextual: Where a tenant only rents a limited number of floors in a building.
Keypad: At all times a 10-digit key pad display can be accessed by touching an icon on the display.

Touch-less Operation
Enables passengers to simply keep their cards positioned over a terminal display reader and scroll down the offered destinations to their preference. At this point the card can be removed and the destination will register.

Emergency Evacuation
Provides clear passenger instruction to ensure that anyone approaching the lift lobby can be instantly informed about whether they should wait for the lift service or take the stairs.

Energy Control Option (ECO)
ECO will set non essential elevators into standby mode. This reduces the number of elevator trips and due to the improved balance of the elevators, should save energy for the trips undertaken. When feasible, the elevators on standby are set to an energy saving sleep mode.

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