The Cavlock CL200 high quality Privacy set - for all doors from CS Cavity Sliders

Shows Privacy set on the left and Passage on the right.

The Cavlock CL200 Privacy set is a high quality flush handle for all types of sliding doors, but is specifically designed for cavity sliding doors. When fitted to a Cavity Sliding door the CL200 allows the door to slide completely back inside the cavity so that the front of the door is flush with the face of the jambs.

  • When the door is closed the CL200 Privacy set can be latched from either side.
  • The CL200 Privacy set can be changed to a snib/emergency configuration, for, example bathroom doors where extra privacy may be required.
  • The CL200 is suitable for Commercial and Residential applications and is supplied with a recessed edge pull for ease of use.
  • The deep recessed side pulls allow for positive handgrip, making it easy to open and close even the heaviest sliding doors. The CL200 Privacy set can be either Auto or Manual latching.

The CL200 Privacy set is suitable for timber, steel or aluminium doors between 33 and 42mm thick with a minimum stile depth of 75mm. The CL200 can be used on single or double cavity or even surface sliding doors.