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Stone Institute of Australasia

SIA promotes excellence in Education; Specification; and more for the Stone Industry and its Specifiers

In Australia, the Oceanic and Asia Pacific Rim, conducted under a strict code of ethics. SIA Associates are foremost in offering quality stone product and service which will meet the guidelines set out by the SIA. These are designed to improve the standards within the Stone Industry.

About the SIA
The Stone Institute of Australasia offers consumers and specifiers genuine guidance and protection by identifying those operators who offer a standard of quality and service that best matches our Code of Ethics.

We work with those who have the ethos for reliability and growth for the Stone Industry at large, continuously identifying areas for improvement and establishing the process necessary to satisfy such improvements.

The SIA represents and works with the whole of the Stone Industry, its specifiers and service providers to ensure a collaborative approach is taken to improve the quality and standards of our industry.

Our aims are to create opportunities and growth for the whole industry for both the domestic and export markets. We present those operators who are willing to accept and work toward achieving the SIA ethos directly to the public domain. We remain a totally independent arbitrator on all matters and issues that affect the Stone Industry and its performance. Our approach is to always be openly fair and correct in any advice that may be given from time to time, always looking at what is best for the total industry.

The SIA expresses that it only offers such guidance and advice while stressing that all final outcomes are bourn to be the responsibility of the beneficiary of such advice and guidance, whether that beneficiary is a Registered Associate; Qualified Trades Person of the SIA or not.

Our board is made up of appointed Industry leaders who represent the various sectors within the Stone Industry, they are chosen for their genuine attitude toward improvement and for what is best for the Industry to succeed. These board members can change, dependant on what the needs are.

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