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Rondo Products Earn Green Points
GBCA Steel Credit Points Rating Scheme

Going Green with Rondo

Choosing Rondo products for your next project could now earn you one of two new green points under the Green Building Council of Australia's (GBCA) revised Steel Credit points rating scheme (April 2010).

Rondo has committed to all 10 of the environmental improvement points outlined in the Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) to gain eligibility to the scheme, which offers Contractors one Green Point if 60% or more of the steel used in a project is supplied by an ESC approved member.

Created and managed by the Australian Steel Institute (ASI), the Charter aims to drive good business and environmental outcomes through the steel supply chain within the building industry. Rondo's membership to the ESC, as well as the NSW DECCW Sustainability Advantage Program, have represented integral steps forward in our mission to ultimately provide our employees, customers and community with a sustainable future.

For more information on Rondo's role in ESC, visit www.rondo.com.au, or contact Gonz Marquez, Rondo's Environment Manager on (02) 9912 7300.

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57-87 Lockwood Road, Erskine Park, NSW, 2759



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