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Shading the Sunshine State

The Aero 90 product has a unique anti-rattle profile and was developed at the request of Australia's largest construction companies, Baulderstone Hornibrook, in order to overcome the shortfalls of existing louvre shutters.

Before the introduction of Aero 90, The University of Adelaide conducted laboratory tests which sustained that the Aero 90 shutter was suitable  for the strong wind conditions associated with high rise living.

For example, high-rise balconies in exposed locations are constantly subjected to high wind causing normal shutters with inefficient wind seals to howl and rattle.

 The tests subjected the shutters to a wind tunnel test and certified that the Rollashield Aero 90 shutter was capable of with standing  cyclonic winds to the intensity of those experienced during Cyclone Tracy, with each louvre blade having an impressive 100kg breaking strain capacity.

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