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Rollashield Installing Shutters in Aged Care Facilities

Aged Care Facilities are popping up throughout the country and Shutter Concepts Pty Ltd, the home of Rollashield® are proud to be installing shutters to the Redcliffe, Moreton Bay and Townsville projects with more to follow.

Rollashield® Shutters have been fitted internally to storage alcoves providing a secure location as shown in the picture.

The motorised shutters have been fitted with infrared beams across the openings to detect movement. This safety feature ensures that a shutter cannot close onto a person or object by mistake.

In the event that a person became shut behind a shutter an internal switch has been fitted to allow the shutter to be opened. In the event that power is lost the shutters have a manual override to provide normal operation.

For further details about the Rollashield products contact Doug Smith on 3393-3355 or visit the website.

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