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Resurfacing Pattern Concrete from Designer Concrete Coatings

pattern concrete

Designer Concrete Coatings systems are the modern alternative to standard concrete paving finishes at a competitive cost over clay brick or tile alternatives.

With Designer Concrete Coatings, you can resurface dull, existing plain concrete or cast-in-place a brand new pavement.

New Architectural Colour Range
New Designer architectural colour range for concrete resurfacing will complement the very latest exterior paint finishes or modern brick masonry. It simply is a stunning choice for paving or concrete floor renovations.

Exciting Colour Range
Choose from a selection of 24 vibrant colours ranging from earthy terracotta through a variety of variegated tomes replicating natural stone and clay masonry. Colour flexibility enables you to create prestige, quality and class. Designer Concrete Coatings recommends you visit a display nearest to you to make the right choice.

Features and Benefits

Economy and Value
Designer Concrete Coatings systems are a modern alternative to standard concrete paving finishes at a competitive price over clay brick or tile alternatives.

Our decorative concrete paving systems are formulated to achieve excellent performance and durability. Drive on, walk on, Designer Concrete Coatings products look good, and are superb value for money.

Low Maintenance
Designer Concrete Coatings decorative paving products remain virtually maintenance free after application... durable and abrasion resistant to normal pedestrian, vehicular traffic and weather exposure.

Periodically cleaned and resealed from time to time, Designer Concrete Coatings products will maintain aesthetic appeal throughout their design life.

Skid Resistant
An applied textured finish to Designer Concrete Coatings pavement surfaces is a safety feature for wet and dry conditions. Minimises skid hazard.

Quality Assurance
Your choice of Designer Concrete Coatings means that you want to buy genuine Australian made decorative paving products manufactured to a quality standard... and with a written guarantee.

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