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My Own Powerstation from TREAC

power generator green

The concept of generating, storing then using your own electricity is really re-enforcing the value and benefits of solar power.

Solar power needs to be looked at simply, feed in tariffs have been a major influence and driving factor in people investing in solar power. However the problem has been that people seem to be making incorrect assumptions as to the value of the feed in tariff.

Investing in a 1.5kw or 2kw system will give you an almost negligible benefit regardless of the feed in tariff rate. The feed in tariff is based on excess power generated by your solar system is fed back to the grid. Our belief is that excess power should be stored and used when it is of the most benefit to you.

The price of power changes depending on the time of day you use it. The peak price times are late afternoon, evening and early morning. Dinner time, TV time the busiest time in the household is the time the electricity is at its highest rate. Early morning, wake up time, showers, hairdryers, kettles, toasters. High demand at highest rate.

We believe this is the right time to use your own free electricity, the time to absolutely minimise your draw from the grid. My Own Powerstation will do this for your household.

The other important benefit of having stored electricity available to you is that you will never be exposed to short term blackouts..Some rural areas have constant disruption to power supplies. This put security, safety and comfort at risk... Loss of refrigeration, food wastage etc, etc... Your own powerstation will give your home several hours of free electricity based on the size and capacity of the battery back you have. And unlike a standard solar system that shuts down once the grid stops, My own power will utilise the power the solar panels is generating to power your home whilst its daylight... That makes sense doesn't it?

Constant power available to house from a combination of free solar power, free battery stored power and Grid power only if and when you need it.

My own powerstation is the answer. To find out more call us on 1300533564 and book a seat at a free, no obligation My Own powerstation presentation or visit www.treac.com.au.

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