Why Use Hydro Diamond Tools Hydraulic Equipment?

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Hydro Construction Products offers clients a selection range of diamond tools that satisfy the demands of Australia's building and construction industry. Since its inception in 2003, Hydro has become a reliable source of high-quality and world-class construction products and hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic equipment has become a staple in the building and construction sector, giving contractors and developers an alternative to pneumatic tools. Hydro has listed the advantages of hydraulic equipment that indicates why they might be the superior choice of tools in the market today.

What are the Benefits of Hydro's Hydraulic Equipment?

1. Power-Packed Performance
Hydraulic equipment works in a closed circuit with no exhaust ports. Compressed hydraulic oil transfers more energy as compared to compressed air. The increased power usage shortens the delivery of work, while enhancing productivity rate. It is an added luxury that allows contractors and developers to move onto the next task or job.

Unlike pneumatic tools, hydraulic equipment can be used in cold weather applications. Applicators are assured of a swift operation without the hassle of the system becoming frozen. The closed system used in hydraulic provides high performance even in wet conditions.

2. Flexibility in Small Packages
Hydraulic systems are more compact, easy to handle and transport. They can easily be picked up and placed on the back of a truck or van. Moving hydraulics from one location to another only requires manual wheeling or lifting. Hydraulics can be used conveniently in an internal application, or where there is limited space available. While pneumatics often need mechanical assistance for handling and transferring.

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