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Easy Commercial Cabinet System Installation with Ankor

Ankor Merchandising Systems - Rethink your options!

Ankor Merchandising Systems supplies quality merchandising products such as slat panels, internal slat panels, fixed wall slat panels, aluminium panels, and post wall systems perfect for any retail showroom or business.

With installation times cut by up to 20 or 30 per cent - helping change the way shopfitting has been done for many years - the idea derived from the old method where 90 per cent of work is completed prior to arrival on site. Not only that, the bespoke solutions supplied and manufactured at Ankor Merchandising Systems are lightweight, durable, diverse, as well as easy to install, alter, relocate, and dismantle. The system allows for the structure and layout of merchandise to be easily altered and added to without the extra hassle of having to remove the entire wall fixture.

Ankor Merchandising Systems can be delivered Nationwide, with the dedicated team at Ankor Merchandising Systems supplying obligation free quotations to clients either over the phone or email.

Purchasing your merchandising display products to update your business showroom or retail products has never been easier! For any merchandise you are looking to display or to rejuvenate existing wall panels, Ankor Merchandising Systems have the solution for you.

For more information on Ankor Merchandising Systems easy commercial cabinet system, visit www.ankorsystems.com.au.

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