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Anesthesia-Aid Disposable Eye Shields from Sperian Protection Australia

disposable eye shields


Developed by Sperian Protection, the worldwide leader in personal protective equipment, Anesthesia-Aid Disposable Eye Shields are the fast and efficient way to protect the eye during anesthesia and surgery.

Latex-free and hypoallergenic, Anesthesia-Aid Disposable Eye Shields used during medical and dental procedures will ensure that the eye is kept moist without the need for ointment or drops. This helps minimise direct trauma to the eye, as well as preventing corneal abrasions and keeping particles out of the eye area.

With the adhesive around the edges of the eyeshields, Sperian Anesthesia-Aid are the safe solution to current practices, which normally necessitate the eye to be taped shut during medical procedures, potentially risking damage and bruising to this delicate area of the face.

Comfortable to wear, these handy disposable eye shields allow for easy access to the nose, brow and temples and fit securely around the eye area without sticking to the eyelashes. A convenient tab allows for easy and painless removal.

Manufactured especially for use in medical and dental procedures, Anesthesia-Aid Disposable Eye Shields are not suitable for use during laser procedures.

Each box of Anesthesia-Aid Disposable Eye Shields contains 50 pairs for patient use.

For the best eye protection when performing anesthesia or surgery, look no further than Anesthesia-Aid Disposable Eye Shields from Sperian Protection.

For further details on the Anesthesia-Aid Disposable Eye Shields contact Sperian Protection.

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