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Stamped Pattern Concrete from Designer Concrete Coatings

stamp pattern concrete

Concrete impression method

Designer concrete impression is a stamp imprint method that replicates the textures, colour features and finish of slate or stone on fresh cast-in-place concrete surfaces. The process requires six (6) basic steps to complete the work and leave a lasting and impressive look to home driveways and pathways.

  • Fresh concrete is cast-in-place
  • CMM 3000 Colour Hardener is cast and trowelled into the fresh concrete surface.
  • DCC Release Agent (powder or liquid) is then applied to prevent the stamp mats from sticking to the fresh coloured concrete surface.
  • Stamp pattern mats are then 'impressed' into the surface to replicate the style and form of stone or tile paving.
  • After concrete 'hard set' the release agent waste is removed and the surface cleaned.
  • DCC Sealer is applied for its intended purpose to aid concrete curing; and, to aid surface cleaning subject to limitations of undue influence of environment or damage and expected deterioration in time and by use and weathering.

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