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The Advantages of Hot Dip Galvanizing from GAA

Hot dip galvanizing from GAA

Milson Island Indoor Sports Stadium

The project called for a site-specific, multi-purpose building to accommodate a variety of sporting and social activities. The design of the entire building is modular including the floor, walls, roof, and service pods. It can be extended, reduced in size, or even moved with relative ease, particularly important for the remote water-locked location to ensure a lot of the work could be completed off-site and barged to site in pieces and simply bolted together. Likewise, the building could equally be unbolted and shipped away.

Prefabrication off-site for the most part meant that the steel frame erection was completed in days allowing other trades to quickly move onto and enclose the structure and the finishing trades to start. Portal frames incorporated splice details to allow for the sections to fit on the barge. All other material was generally lightweight. Steel sections could be readily handled while some of the heavier section portals required a mobile crane to install. The use of concrete footing was minimised by embedding steel posts in the existing rock shelf and a steel jointed floor system was adopted rather than a traditional concrete slab.

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