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MultiCAT Pro Project Managers

Professional Project Managers - Client Representative

MultiCAT Pro is a comprehensive project management system that has been purpose built for Project Management companies. MultiCAT Pro has modules that deal with every aspect of project administration from documents to dollars.

MultiCAT Pro has a transparent and refreshing approach to financial management with a focus on the present and the future rather than the past.

MultiCAT Pro has been designed as a tool for staff to do their day to day job efficiently with no duplication of effort. Some of the features included are: -

  • Excellent RFI and response tracking and management
  • Huge reduction in admin time
  • Information retrieval is really powerful, find any record in a matter of seconds
  • Written communication is generated within MultiCAT, so it is automatically scheduled against the project. All communication can be emailed.
  • Identify potential issues before they become a problem
  • Financial documents are issued "on behalf of" protecting your liabilities
  • Project variations, progress claims and retentions are effectively administrated
  • Monthly reporting that is transparent, easy to follow with real time information, every commitment is monitored
  • Functional in a terminal server environment if you want to provide a client access


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