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Safety for floors with Grip Guard non-slip treatment

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is a revolutionary floor safety application. This unique treatment is designed to provide a high level of slip resistance to ensure pedestrian safety. The non-slip treatment is suitable for a range of floor surfaces including ceramics, porcelain, marble, terrazzo, granite, limestone, concrete and other stone-based substrates.

Slippery floors pose a significant dangers in the residential, commercial, and public sectors. Failure to address floor safety issues can result in slip and fall injuries that pose serious risk to pedestrians. Non slip floor surfaces are essential to avoid these accidents and protect property owners from costly litigation.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is suitable for both indoors and outdoor applications. In fact, the treatment has been utilised for underwater areas such as pool steps and bathtubs increase their slip resistance.

Slip resistance testing is carried out both prior to and following treatment with the results recorded on the Grip Guard warranty. This allows property owners to ensure that they have taken the proper 'duty of care' with regards to the safety of their premises.

Grip Guard non slip treatment is applied by licensed and fully trained operators throughout Australia (NSW - Sydney, VIC - Melbourne, WA- Perth, QLD - Brisbane, TAS - Launceston, SA - Adelaide) as well as some regional areas and New Zealand.

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