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KABA Australia workforce management - time & attendance and
data recording

The KABA Group sets standards worldwide for top-quality time and enterprise data collection products. Efficient and flexible solutions provide for transparency in staff and enterprise data, bringing benefits in terms of production processes and productivity. The integration of enterprise data and time recording products into access control systems enables further optimisation of operational organisation.

  • Time Recording: time recording systems with integrated terminals allow efficient recording and processing of all remuneration-relevant data. As well as employees' working hours, their days off, working hours balance, etc. can also be shown. For staff working off the premises, KABA has developed a solution which enables working hours and job data to be entered by cell phone directly from their location.
  • Data Collection: all key staff and operations-related events are entered on terminals, which pass the data on to a central analysis and management system. Thus, for instance, staff and job data as well as data on machine use, status and quality can be presented very clearly.
  • Equipment Data Collection: using specially developed universal and multifunctional modules, the KABA Group makes it possible to record equipment data. Data such as operational and setup time, equipment cycles and unit production data can be recorded and transmitted to overarching applications.

KABA has worked for a long time with specialised system and software providers and provides its customers with tailored solutions. The company has developed standardised and certified communications software for major ERP systems. Thus, for instance, solutions for time and enterprise data collection and access control which are fully integrated into SAP can be offered.

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