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Petit Godin 19th century fireplaces at The Good House

With a timeless design dating back to the early 19th century, the "Petit Godin" stove is one of the most famous French icons when it comes to wood burning stoves and solid fuel space heaters. It also is a very environmentally friendly slow combustion wood burner, as all Godin wood heaters are 70% efficient or more, and a CO emissions rate equal to or below 0.5%.

As top loaders, these extremely compact slow combustion stoves can take logs up to 500mm long! They are made of heavy gauge steel and cast iron, and come either in black and grey paint, or with a black body and a choice of green, blue or brown enameled cast iron components. Some wood burning models can also run off coal.

The inside is lined with fireproof concrete lining. The front door is glazed and fitted with a fresh air adjustment. Options include a gas version and same colour enameled flue.

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