Fixing Heavy Stone Panels with StoneClips from StoneClip

stoneclips holding heavy granite panel

3 photo's of the best Research and Development that has been undertaken by contractors to prove that Stoneclip's products are strong enough to support the loads we state in our engineers certificate.

The contractors (Kievel Stone) are going to clad the entry to a new building at Queensland University with 50 mm thick granite panels 1.6mts x.8 mts x 50 mm=179 kgs /panel and before they were given the go ahead they had to do the display wall.

The loads that are applied to the SB-5 fixings are 90 kgs/ clip on the panels @ a cavity of 30 mm. Each shelf angle is fixed to the concrete substrate with a 10 mm x 75 mm screw bolt. The side fixings on the top panels are the 12 mm adjustable Stoneclip fixed with an 8 mm x 60 mm long screw bolt.

installing stone panels with stoneclips

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