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Home Security Requirements Advice from Seconline

The need for security can vary by location, accessibility and the level of visibility. One needs to think like a burglar then view your property and the surrounding properties in your neighbourhood.

Areas such as pergolas and back verandas are usually out of view from the street or darker at night and early in the morning; they would therefore provide sufficient cover for a person to spend time gaining access your home. Sensor lighting can be a good deterrent and night time however if you find that these areas are vulnerable then increasing the level of security by means of security screen doors or window screens would be prudent. Glass can be easily smashed, whereas Seconline security steel mesh doors surpass all Australian standards for dynamic impact, knife sheer, salt spray, lock, lever and jemmy testing.

Walk around the outside of your house, areas obscured by trees or shrubs make good hiding places or access points, pruning or remove these trees so as to open up the visibility to your home. If you want to leave windows open for ventilation while home or away consider installing security window screens, these will also increase the security of your closed windows.

If you have a manhole that is accessible from the outside, secure it with a lock. If you do not have deadlocks installed to all your external doors than it would be wise to do so. A good locksmith should be able to key them up to the existing doors and also the security doors. Burglar alarms with back to base options are a good idea; ensure you familiarise yourself with how they operate and query your installer as to what will happen in the event of power outages.

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