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Recycled Aluminium Extrusions Melbourne from Capral Aluminium

Recycled Aluminium Extrusions Melbourne from Capral Aluminium

The Australian design and construction industries achieve a sustainable edge with the use of recycled aluminium. Capral Aluminium is one of the market leaders in the fabrication and distribution of aluminium profiles for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. They have recycled aluminium extrusion plants with eight operating presses capable of producing an annual recycled aluminium capacity of 75KT.

Recycled aluminium extrusions have two categories:

New Scrap

These scraps are 100% recycled uncontaminated manufacturing waste from aluminium extrusions which are collected, melted, and processed for further use.

Old Scrap

Old scrap includes used beverage cans plus building or transport aluminium waste that is manually gathered, collected, and recycled by merchants who then separate it from other metals such as iron or steel. Old scrap is usually melted down by secondary refiners into silicon-based alloys and typically used in aluminium castings.

The increased use of recycled aluminium extrusions continue to be a significant trend in the building and construction industry. As recycled aluminium extrusions save more than 90% of the energy that is otherwise required by primary production, recycling one tonne of aluminium saves 5 tonnes of bauxite and 15,000-kilowatt hours of electricity.

For further inquiries on recycled aluminium extrusions, visit www.capral.com.au today.

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