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Advanced Eco Technologies installed two standard EcoVerta™ units at the Origin Energy EcoHouse.

In this Origin Energy EcoHouse, one EcoVerta™ unit is installed under the kitchen sink.
It is a standard unit but if a dishwasher or other waterusing device were adjacent to the sink an EcoVerta Mixa™ unit would be installed to service all near outlets.
Note there are no power outlets or pumps - just a simple "fit & forget" installation.

The second EcoVerta™ unit is installed in a bathroom/laundry. In this case it has been installed on the wall under the hand basin for demonstration purposes only. Normally a less obvious location would be chosen.
In this location the shower is adjacent to the hand basin and installation of an EcoVerta Protecta™ unit would enable collection of diverted cold water from all area outlets whilst providing even hot water flow at a safe and comfortable temperature.

Since this is a real home being used as a demonstration site we must be able to prove claims of water saving. A water meter has been installed in the saved water pipe line and visitors will be able to see a true measure of water savings made.
This device would not be required in a normal installation - unless the client asked for it.

The CERES Origin Energy EcoHouse house has multiple water saving systems installed. In this location the water diverted by the EcoVerta™ units is simply delivered into the top of a concrete tank. More elegant solutions are available depending on the overall water saving facilities available. The simplest is to connect this final delivery to a hose in the garden. Since the diverted water is delivered at mains pressure it is no different to normal garden watering - EXCEPT it happens automatically, using water that would otherwise be wasted down the drain and costs nothing to run or maintain.

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