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Cost Effective Acoustic Panel DecorLux Maxx from Decor Systems

Acoustic Panel DecorLux Maxx

DecorLux Maxx - Blending Acoustics with Style!

First State Superannuation's new office in Wollongong features DecorLux Maxx in its entry foyer area.

A seamless, uncluttered look was a prerequisite of the designers as part of their overall design schematics; DecorLux Maxx met all the requirements, offering clean, uncluttered lines, bold perforations, and a smooth finish, thus enhancing the streamlined, yet contemporary interior to this corporate fitout.

Manufactured from Fibre Cement, DecorLux is famous for its robust durability, ease of installation and acoustic brilliance. A cost effective acoustic panel - DecorLux Maxx ticked all the boxes for this discriminating designer.

Connect with our amazing Client Support Team for information on how this innovative system can complement your next design challenge!

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