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Benefits of Vinyl or Aluminium Exterior Cladding by Abbey Thermalboards

House Exterior Cladding

With so many new properties and home renovation designs popping up, it's important for the building design and construction sectors to keep up with these trends - and when it comes to home wall exterior and external cladding, you'll find it's a trend you will want to jump onto! With an array of both modern and traditional design choices available, cladding will transform any property into a valuable investment.

Why Cladding?

Timber Replacement - Timber homes are extremely popular thanks to their charm and character. However, property owners dread the day they need to paint it and worry about the threat of timber rot and termite damage. Cladding is the perfect solution to pull off the same look as timber but with superior durability and weather resistance.

Total Exterior Transformation - Cladding will transform any existing property. An outdated brick home or fibro building can be transformed with cladding that mimics the look of timber panels. No matter what a property is constructed from, cladding can be applied to the exterior with no hassle.

No Painting Needed Ever - Unlike timber, cladding doesn't need to be painted. Cladding from Abbey Thermalboards is coated with a highly advanced baked-on paint solution to stop it from cracking, peeling or flaking - ever! Property owners will be glad to know they no longer need to spend time and money repainting their property every few years.

Versatility - There's a huge range of colours and profiles to choose from to get the look of your cladding just right. You'll also be pleased to know that cladding isn't just for exterior walls - it can also be applied to the underside of the roof that overhangs the house, deck or patio to produce a flat, streamlined finish.

Durable & Long Lasting - Cladding is heavy-duty, weather-resistant, water-resistant, fire-retardant and rigorously tested for quality. This highly durable material built to withstand the elements also adds another protective layer to a property. Both vinyl and aluminium cladding will last over 35+ years and all cladding installed by Abbey Thermalboards comes with a 50-year warranty.

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