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RollaMesh Security System from Shutter Concepts

rollamesh security shutters


Rollamesh is a fully extruded 1.2mm single skin profile. It is extremely versatile product being used in both domestic and commercial arenas.

This is the ultimate see through rollaway security system.

Commercial Use
Shop fronts love it as it still allows vision at night especially in those area where window shoppers browse at night.

The strength of the product was put to the test at a Brisbane Car Sound location where it was repeatedly attacked with an axe - Sure the shutter wa damaged, but they did not gain entry.

Domestic Use
Domestically Rollamesh is used as an alternative to security screens which cannot be rolled away when not required.

Security screens also do not offer much protection as they are of lightweight material that is easily removed in a matter of seconds.

Front doors are being fitted with Rollamesh for their exceptional strength and retractability.

Fixed position panels of Rollamesh are also a favourite as a divider or a method to enclose an area.

Rollamesh is available in any standard powder coat colour.

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