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Roof Walkway Systems by Juralco from Capral Aluminium

roof walkway system

Safety in the workplace should be a number one priority. Accidents, legal battles and close statutory scrutiny can result from not adhering to Codes of Practice for Safe Work on Roofs, Walkway Codes, State and local government regulations.

The Walkmaster Roof Walkway Systems from Juralco can remove these problems by providing safe and secure access to roof top plant and equipment.

Walkmaster is an easy to install, lightweight, yet incredibly strong and virtually maintenance-free walkway system which provides a simple solution to ensure safety in the workplace.

The Walkmaster Roof Walkway Systems can easily be fitted with aluminium handrails on one or both sides of the walkway. All walkways and handrails are designed to meet the relevant requirements of AS1657-1992 and various statutory codes of practice.

The Walkmaster Roof Walkway System without handrail, weighs less than 7kg per metre and thus exerts only an additional 0.12kN additional dead load to the existing roof. Features and Benefits of the Walkmaster System:

  • Provides safe, non-slip, non-trip access to roof-top plant and equipment.
  • Lightweight, strong and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Rust-free, eliminating damage to metal roofs.
  • Handrail system can be easily fitted to one or both sides of the walkway.
  • Suits almost all kinds of pitched roof designs.
  • Compatible with all metal deck profiles. Fibre cement sheet and tile roof option available.
  • Cost effective option to replacing damaged roofs.
  • Walkways and handrails can be installed when the initial roof is laid, retro-fitted or added to at a later stage according to budgetary constraints.
  • Non-penetrative option for fixing to most low pitched profiles thereby eliminating leakage points.

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