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Industrial Access Systems by Juralco from Capral Aluminium

industrial access systems

Introducing, Guardsafe Access Systems.

The complete industrial access system. Simple logic tells us that any system will operate more effectively when all the components are designed to be 100% compatible.

This is the strategy behind Guardsafe Access Systems by Juralco. Guardsafe Access Systems are the first completely integrated systems of aluminium guardrails, flooring and supports available directly from Australia's most innovative aluminium manufacturer.

Thus eliminating inherent problems with matching componentry and costly supply delays.

Features and Benefits

  • Specifying Guardsafe Systems ensures total design integration enabling safe and comfortable employee access.
  • Fabricated from aluminium, the systems are lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Guardsafe Access Systems can be mechanically assembled on site using only basic tools and much reduced labour compared to steel and other systems. No site welding is required and cranage is often unnecessary
  • Proven Ampligrip aluminium grating and stair tread products can be integrated into the system design
  • Guardsafe Systems are flexible in design, most components are ex-stock and special components can be made promptly to order
  • Guardsafe Guardrails can be specified separately as either surface of face mounted
  • Guardsafe Access Systems are designed and tested to meet the relevant requirements of AS-1657-1992 and AS-1170 Part 1-1989
  • Professional technical advice is readily available and design assistance is offered on specific projects
  • Guardsafe Systems are capable of continuous horizontal spans of up to 8.47m (refer to Guardsafe span tables). High span to weight ratio.
  • Low cost system when installed.
  • Easy and quick to install reducing plant downtime.
  • No welding required to fabricate or install.
  • Flexible in design and easily modified on site to suit the specific application.

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