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Removable Rotary Clotheslines from Austral Clothes Hoists

High security fencing from Australian Security Fencing

If you are looking for the perfect family clothes line, the Austral Fold Away Rotary is ideal. The rotating head on the clothes line allows the sun's rays and wind to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently. The Fold Away Rotary is easily removed from the ground when you require extra room for a special event or a hit of cricket.

Some home owners are even installing a second ground socket under a carport or covered courtyard to ensure winter clothes drying - saving both energy and expensive power bills. Now that's smart thinking!

You can trust Australian made:

  • Austral's Fold Away Rotary Clothes Lines are available in 2 sizes.
  • When the clothes line is not in use it may be easily removed from the ground and stored until required. To remove the Fold Away Rotary simply pull the arms downwards from the centre, then lift, twist and remove from the Ground Socket.
  • The Fold Away Rotary features a breeze brake for one position pegging. This allows you to peg and remove your clothes easily on windy days without having to chase your washing.
  • The Austral Fold Away Rotary is manufactured using powdercoated Galvabond Steel to ensure strength and durability.
  • Austral Fold Aways have been weight tested to hold up to 150kg.

For more information, visit www.australclotheshoists.com.au.

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