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Genesis™ sliding doors from Capral

So you're a home owner with a busy lifestyle, work commitments, a family to look after. You may also be building or renovating which means you are trying to fit it all in.

The good news is that Genesis™ windows and doors have been designed with a unique aluminium frame, allowing different products to be integrated together throughout your home saving you time and money. The suite features high quality hardware and components, ensuring reliability now and into the future.

The Genesis™ suite has also been acoustically tested and rated to comply with new energy rating codes. And the added bonus is that Genesis™ windows and doors are easier to keep clean than traditional residential window and door suites.

The products have fewer cavities and grooves so less places for spiders and dust to accumulate; an ideal solution for any busy household.


  • Performance seals which are incorporated into the door to reduce the transfer of noise and air.
  • The installation of a replaceable track. The track is one of the most used sections of the door and if wear and tear occurs, only the replaceable track (rather than the whole door) needs to be replaced.
  • The option of having your security or fly screens fitted to your sliding door during the initial installation or at a later date.
  • The Genesis™ sliding door can be double glazed, if required.
  • Multi stack configuration is available. A multi stack door is a cost effective alternative to a bi fold door.

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