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Series 1000 Aqua Style shower screens from Capral

The Aqua Style® shower screen has been engineered for modern and contemporary interiors. With its unique and adjustable features, Aqua Style® gives a fresh feel and finish to your bathroom and adds value to your home.

The Aqua Style® shower screen is the preferred choice for many reasons. Aqua Style® offers a wider opening than most traditional sliding door showers and gives a modern, elegant and uninterrupted expanse of glass. The Aqua Style® slimline aluminium frame is also less visibly obtrusive than conventional shower screens. Aqua Style's® latest pivot door technology means that they are quieter, stronger and easier to clean than long-established sliding shower screens.

Many homeowners find that they have odd shaped, or out of square shower enclosures and in these instances Aqua Style® shower screens are here to help. In fact, a unique telescopic frame adjustment makes this shower screen an easy DIY application that you or your local handyperson could install perfectly into your bathroom.

The Aqua Style® shower screens can also suit both left hand and right hand applications. Such flexibility allows you additional options when planning your bathroom design.

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