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DecorSlat Ceiling Panels for Sydney Airport from Decor Systems

decorslat sydney airport ceiling


Designed by Cox Architecture, the new bright ceiling made from acoustic DecorSlat panels by Decor Systems smartly cover the recently revamp Pier B Departure at Sydney T1 Airport.

Sydney Airport, which awarded the coveted seven-and-half-year duty-free contract to Heinemann in 2014, is going through extensive renovation to deliver a world class retail space. The Heinemann Duty Free store at Sydney Airport at 5,751 square metres, is set to be the world's largest standalone airport duty-free store. Pier B Departure at Terminal 1 was the first section of the new airport being unveiled, with the rest of the whole improvement project expected to be completed by mid 2017.

DecorSlat by Decor Systems were chosen for its effortless smart linear look that fits in with the rest of the revamp airport's building elements and furnishing. DecorSlat was also chosen for its acoustic properties which are a prerequisite for a crowded public space such as the Sydney Airport.

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