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Design Ceramic Tiles introduces Calsada Lusitana luxury paving system.

Design Ceramic Tiles Calsada Lusitana.

Design Ceramic Tiles is introducing a new luxury paving system to Australian market, the irresistible creative Calsada Lusitana mosaic specifically from the Portuguese culture.

Calsada Lusitana is a versatile pavement block that accompanied by an application of a cement type grout, reproduces the traditional individual stones. Calsada Lusitana is available in three colours: white, charcoal and navy blue. Being such a versatile stone, there is immense room for creative designs.

Apart its application being quicker, we cannot forget to highlight it's functionality, meaning the comfort felt while walking on these pavement blocks and also the fact that it is not necessary to cut eventual weeds, as with this new material they just do not grow.

Therefore, it works not only visually but also commercially.

These are just some of the calsada lusitana advantages.

If you would like to incorporate a traditional European design flooring system to your next project consider the Calsada Lusitana.

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