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Creeks, liquorish and the beach? Find out more about floors from AAA Sexy Floors

Get your wish at Liquorish

Romantic interludes. Mouth watering five star courses in the warm surrounds of Bulimba's latest restaurant. Welcome to Liquorish.

Located on Oxford Street, where to be seen is to be seen, this floor contrasts perfectly with the décor and sets the perfect environment for that night of your life.

The Creek Bar

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks were specific in their order. Bubbles galore, much like their drinks.

Let the bubbles flow into a river bed and down to the bar where you will be rewarded with a refreshing drink.

And there we have it. On an orange Ginger Beer base coat, you'll find not only a rocky creek bed in the middle of the floor but you'll see and enjoy the bubbles burst to the surface.

Sand and Surf Collection

When talking about feature floors, nothing comes close to this sand and surf collection. On the right you have the sand feel, the yellows and the gold of the sun drenched beach.

On the left you have the rainbow of blues starting with dark at the back, moving through to turquoise at the front. This feature was perfect for the Surf Shop at Stradbroke Island.

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