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The Trigostruct secret - A spring loaded end fitting which reduces assembly time & eliminates cross threading & related damage

Designed and manufactured in Australia for over 20 years TRIGOSTRUCT is set firmly within the principles of trigonometry and offers a multitude of design possibilities from a simple truss to a complex geodesic dome.

It can be a decoratively aesthetic feature or a structurally integral element satisfying the demands of the engineer.

TRIGOSTRUCT is manufactured to strict quality standards using modern CNC machinery. Not only widely used in Australia it can by seen throughout the world in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Manufactured almost entirely from aluminium TRIGOSTRUCT has a high strength to weight ratio and is environmentally friendly.

Although it is a modular system TRIGOSTRUCT allows the designer maximum freedom. Individual custom designs are easily achieved through the versatility and flexibility of the system - alternative strut lengths and thicknesses.

A variety of connector node configurations are available plus various finishes including anodised and powder coated. It can be skeletal in form or easily clad using either grooved struts or simple clip on panels. Even curved struts are available.

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