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MRitek pre-finished ceiling and roofing system from Composite Roofing Structures

Berry Hall, NSW. The NSW Depertment of Sport & Recreation.

Ritek's all-in-one pre-finished ceiling and roofing system, also known as an insulated sandwich roof panel, combines the strength of COLORBOND® Custom Orb sheeting (top and bottom sheets) and profiled Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core, bonded together in varying thicknesses. This combination of high yield strength has proven unsupported spans of up to 9.2 metres, greatly reducing the need for costly, obtrusive supports such as beams, posts and trusses, allowing you to save time and money and providing you with an additional range of benefits.

Protection from glare is provided by the brilliant cantilever capability of up to half the back span (up to 4 metres) which allows for unlimited applications to maximise openings for windows giving natural light.

Making the most of local climatic conditions, the Ritek insulated roofing panels capture cool breezes and improve interior space ventilation. Our insulated roof panel system can reduce the need for air conditioning and energy needs, by helping to regulate temperatures for a higher thermal level of comfort for the occupants. Our panels provide thermal values up to R5.00.

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