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Colorbond© Steel Framed Pergolas from Pergola Land

steel framed pergola

Using the Stratco Outback system, this is a durable, strong and rigid structure designed to last in Australia's harsh conditions. With wide spans allowing the beams to be placed well apart, creates a clean, uncluttered finish.

Colorbond© - It's as Australian as a Hills Hoist or meat pies. And it is one of the most durable building products available today. Little wonder we've put it to good use when building pergolas!

Apart from the pristine finish that is achievable with pre-painted Colorbond© steel, you also get better design flexibility, no risk of pest damage and lower long-term maintenance (You will never have to repaint it unless you want to).

One of the advantages of a Colorbond© pergola is that the concealed brackets and fastening points make for a very neat, streamlined appearance and reduce installation time. The designs also allow for enclosing the area in the future, if desired.

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