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Single to Three Phase Power Converters from Phase Changer

"Phase-Changer, Australia's Smartest Range of Single Phase To 3 Phase Power Converters; a Great Alternative for Your Next 3 Phase Power Application"

Have you ever wanted to run a three phase powered machine, but you only have a single phase power supply available?

The Phase-Changer three phase converter changes a 240V or 480V single phase supply into an equivalent 415V 3-phase output, which is just like a utility 3 phase supply. It will efficiently operate any 3 phase equipment.


  • Any Machine, Any Application
  • Groundbreaking Microprocessor Based Custom Controller, Entirely Australian owned and designed - And Now Being Exported into Asia And Europe
  • Fast, Simple Installation. No Waiting For Utility Upgrades
  • Cost Effective Solution For Most Applications
  • 240v Or 480v Input Converted To 3 Phase 415v Output
  • Plug In Models To 3kw(4hp)
  • Hard Wired Models From 4kw(5.5hp) To 64kw(85hp)
  • Power Factor Correction Standard On All Models
  • Reliable & Highly Efficient
  • Light Starting Load: Designed to Operate On Rural Supplies
  • Ideal For Hard Starting Motors, Multi-Motor Loads, Welders, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Systems, And Even CNC & PLC Controlled Machines
  • 3 Year Genuine Warranty On All Phase-Changer Converters

Order a Phase Change Converter before November 18th to get 20% OFF Plus a bonus installation pack valued at $1200. Click here to find out more.

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